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Anemone - dale walton - 05-09-2021

This is another game that produces branched patterns.

It currently has a bug, but can be included if the bug can be resolved.

The game is supposed to end when a situation repeats eg two passes, but also after any move that creates a repeat position.
1) However, the game isn't detecting that this is true after consecutive passes. and so the game will not end from passing.

2) Also, it sometimes is hanging if there are 'no moves left', even though there is an explicit option for a pass in the script.
I added a (meta (passEnd NoEnd)) because the repeat condition should stop the game. - But it didn't solve these early hangs, which required killing the process from the terminal.
I also had added tests for no Moves, and tests for allPassed, but the hanging still occurred. Possibly you have already found and fixed this one.