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Brain and Branching Coral - dale walton - 05-08-2021

I now have changed the rules for Branching Coral, and created a working script.

Please include it in your next release...

EDIT: I just updated the attachment to fix a scoring bug and add a couple more boards that work better for Branching Coral.

RE: Brain and Branching Coral - Eric Piette - 05-17-2021


I added your game in our dev version for the next release.


RE: Brain and Branching Coral - dale walton - 05-20-2021


I have added a new scoring variant proposed by Alek Erikson.

Please find the updated script for inclusion in your next release.

In doing this I found that  (do (...) next:(if (...) (...))) behaves like  (do (...) ifAfterwards:(...))  - is this correct?