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Checking access via separate paths - dale walton - 04-14-2021

I have a game I'm testing that has a rule that placement (and continued "life") for a piece requires that the piece has 2 independent paths across adjacent empty sites to reach separate empty sites along the edge of the board. i.e. the empty paths share no common sites. (by path I here simply mean any series of adjacent empty sites, not a Ludii path)

I see no way to implement this with the current Ludemes.  Do you have any suggestions?

RE: Checking access via separate paths - Eric Piette - 04-19-2021


We do not understand what you mean here. Can you provide a concrete example with a pictures of such movement?


RE: Checking access via separate paths - dale walton - 04-21-2021

This is related to the other code I asked about. - The simple version checks for connection of a site to the perimeter. The more interesting game requires 2 independent empty routes from any piece to the perimeter, and any piece that has less is removed.

I worked out how to do this, but the script wouldn't compile. I was able to do the removal of pieces when they didn't have two adjacent empties. but what makes the game interesting is removals that occur when the paths are remotely restricted.

Hopefully it will work in your next release, and you can see it. I am quite happy with it as a game.