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Oomph - separate problem - dale walton - 03-11-2021

When the off-grid-specified plow moves are forced by using (priority) all is well.

When they are alternatives to the add moves the program assumes that the cell selection is taken to indicate the nearest vertex placement rather than the cell selected plow move.

I created a trial using: Oomph progress3,  which handles the plow move correctly

Turn 1. 12/0+Disc1
Turn 2. 30/0+Disc2
Turn 3. 6/0+Disc1
Turn 4. 31/0+Disc2
Turn 5. 13/0+Disc1
Turn 6. 37/0+Disc2
Turn 7. *Cell 15-Cell 16
Turn 8. *Cell 50-Cell 49
Turn 9. *Cell 16-Cell 17
Turn 10. *Cell 49-Cell 36
Turn 11. *Cell 17-Cell 30

If you load this trial in either program, the result is the same, because the moves are legal for both scripts.
However, in the "ignores plow move bug" script, if you revert the moves and try to replay them you will get a different result which is WRONG.

In that script I simply removed a priority statement to allow either plowing or placement on the same turn.

The trial has the correct result for the chosen moves, but the game needs to allow a choice of placement or movement on the same turn.

RE: Oomph - separate problem - MatthewStephenson - 03-12-2021


This was caused by an issue with the Ludii interface.
It will be fixed in the next release.


RE: Oomph - separate problem - dale walton - 03-12-2021

Good. I wonder if it solves the other problems I listed in the separate thread....?