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Scalable Games - Wolfgang Konen - 04-08-2020

Some of the games you have are scalable:
1) Hex has the board length as scalable parameter: 3x3, 4x4, ... , 11x11, ...
2) Nim has several scalable parameters, e.g. number of heaps, size of heaps
Do you plan to include such scalable variants somehow within a specific game (and if so, how)? Or do you have the opinion 'Each scalable variant is a new game and should be in a separate .lud (which is of cause possible in principle, but perhaps lengthy, if several variants are to be considered)

Sim or Hexi ( is another scalable game, which is perhaps worth to be included in Ludii

RE: Scalable Games - cambolbro - 04-09-2020

Hi Wolfgang,

Our version of Hex is already scalable -- go to the Options menu to select board size and end rule.

We don't have options for Nim yet, but that is certainly a game we could paramaterise.

Thanks for pointing out Sim, I'll put it on our wishlist of games to add.


RE: Scalable Games - QuaGamer - 09-24-2020

An electronic copy of the Game of Sim is available at:

RE: Scalable Games - QuaGamer - 03-04-2022

FYI- scaling the board size is an option that can already be added to any Ludii game with a board. Look at the .lud for Gale, attached.