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Pente - thorsilver - 03-01-2021

Here we have Pente, a classic N-in-a-row game distinguished by the use of custodial capture, which is also an alternate win condition.  Players place one stone of their colour per turn, and win if they form a line of five stones (or more) orthogonally or diagonally, or if they have captured ten stones.  Stones are captured by flanking an opponent's pair of stones on both sides with your own stones.

[Image: Image-1614620657959.png]

This implementation includes three opening protocols:

  • Standard Pente: White must open on the centre point of the board, all subsequent moves are free placement
  • Freestyle: White may open anywhere on the board
  • Pro Pente: White opens at the centre, and their second move must be at least 3 points away from the centre.

I will also add Keryo-Pente in a reply to this post.

Here is Keryo-Pente, a variant introduced by Pente world champion Rollie Tesh in 1983.  In Keryo-Pente, players may capture two or three enemy stones instead of only two, and the capture threshold for winning the game rises from 10 to 15.  This seems like a minor change, but the gameplay changes substantially as a result.

Keryo-Pente reduces the first-player advantage of Pente, because the increased capture power gives the second player many more defensive options.

This variant obviates the need for the Pro Pente opening variation, so that has been removed.

[Image: Image-1614621321823.png]

[Image: Image-1614621569982.png]

RE: Pente - Eric Piette - 03-02-2021


Thanks for that submission.
We will check for the permission, if ok it will be added.


RE: Pente - thorsilver - 03-02-2021

(03-02-2021, 07:52 AM)Eric Piette Wrote: Hi,

Thanks for that submission.
We will check for the permission, if ok it will be added.


Great, thank you Eric!  I hope the permissions will be granted.  I saw Pente on the contribution page, and it's a game I enjoy, so I thought I'd try implementing it in case it was helpful Smile

I should note there are some other minor variations, like Boat Pente (if a line of 5 can be immediately broken via capture on the next move, play can continue), Poof Pente (where players can trigger capture of their own stones), and some other opening protocols.  I kept things simple with Pente/Keryo-Pente and aimed just to introduce the most essential variations.