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Spartan Chess - slimy_asparagus - 02-26-2021

I am submitting Spartan Chess.

There is an issue with the promotion GUI. However I am sufficiently confident that this is a minor issue that I am releasing it. Of course I have not contacted the author for permission or anything like that.

RE: Spartan Chess - Eric Piette - 03-01-2021


Thanks for that submission.

The game will be added in the next release.


RE: Spartan Chess - slimy_asparagus - 03-02-2021


I noticed that I still had some debugging code left in the .lud file. I don't understand why it was not visible but I am removing it in the attached file.

RE: Spartan Chess - Eric Piette - 03-03-2021


Yes I saw that when I added the game, in our dev version I already remove these (note ...) parts.
But just in case I replaced the .lud description by yours.