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a little diffrent of Xonin Shatar - yuandj - 02-21-2021

at place piece state, one side got 3 piece in one line, can mark one of another side. Before to move pieces, leave off the marked pieces as empty position.

and the name of the game, not Shatar, It's called jirige. there're 3 kinds of ancient board game with diffrent names.  more details we need more words to discript it.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=382]

the same rules as Xonin Shatar.

RE: a little diffrent of Xonin Shatar - Walter.Crist - 02-22-2021


The information we have from this games comes from a French source, which is repeating information from a Mongolian source from the 1960s, Mongolyn Togloom, by Namzildorz, but which is difficult to find. So, that's where we got that name. The method you describe is interesting, with the marking of pieces and removal at the end of the placement phase. Do you know where and when these rules come from?

The historical analysis that we are compiling the database for requires us to separate games, even when they have the same rules, when they are played in different cultures. This will allow us to examine the possibility of independent invention of similar games, or whether they spread along trade routes, conquests, migrations, etc. There are many many different versions of this game worldwide, and it is one that we are particularly interested in tracking historically.


RE: a little diffrent of Xonin Shatar - yuandj - 02-22-2021

Yes, this is also of interest to me. Thanks to the ludii team for their excellent work. When I view the ludii database, it proved my understanding of why these games are like this. Our team is already drawing on the evolution of the jirige game. Welcome the Ludii team with us to show it to the world. The last piece of the puzzle is in China. In front of us, the long road of cultural evolution of board games has been magnificent.