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The game of Lam Turki with wrong logic. - yuandj - 02-21-2021

the logic to description was wrong play method. pls view our volunteer demo video. it's played in china western area now and in beijing community also.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=379]

The subtitles of the video are as follows:

Today, we play a new game. Its name is Lucky Star. This is how the board game is played.
Let's first draw a five pointed star on the paper.
Now, we need to put ten stones on the intersection and vertex of the stars.
Follow your heart, remove a stone, and a free place will appear on the chessboard.
Next, jump one stone over another, drop it in the empty space, and remove the stone that has just been jumped from the chessboard.
At the end of the game, only one stone on the board is victory, which means good luck, and anything you pray for will be come true. Note that stones can only jump, and can only jump one piece at a time, and cannot move to adjacent positions.
Now, let’s look at the short video to see how to play (it).

[Attachments] can't be video, i send to admin email.

I'll try new .lud for this game, it's a learning course for my students also.

RE: The game of Lam Turki with wrong logic. - Walter.Crist - 02-22-2021


Thanks for that information on Lucky Star. I'm not surprised that it is different from what we have for Lam Turki; we have a couple of other games like this (Pentalpha, Nao Gutiya Baithaneka) which have slight differences. Lam Turki and Nao Gutiya Baithaneka are played in different parts of India, and Pentalpha is played in Greece. We find that many times, there are very similar games with slight differences in different places.

We can add Lucky Star to Ludii, and it would be great to be able to add some kind of historical or ethnographic data for it for our historical analysis. Do you have any kind of sources which talk about this game? If you got the information from your own work, would you be willing to let us know the specific regions or communities in China where it is played, as well as the date (rough date if necessary) when you first observed or learned about it?

Thanks again for your post!


RE: The game of Lam Turki with wrong logic. - yuandj - 02-22-2021

(02-22-2021, 09:28 AM)Walter.Crist Wrote: We can add Lucky Star to Ludii, Walter.

Thanks, walter. It's sound good.

this issues is my wishes for intro ludii to china and work with my students.
If you can help us to adding .lud for lucky star and using the graph as newest ui of the luckystar, not the black white five star, That's great event for me. and the author, little volunteer in beijing communtiy, will be happy too.