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Omnidirectional draughts - AI hung - slimy_asparagus - 02-12-2021

I found a situation where the AI (UCT, Black) appeared to hang. I enclose a trial. I had to restart Ludii and do a move for it to get passed the issue. I wonder if the issue is that it faced a chain of captures that went on for a long time and that slowed it down. I did one that captured all but two of the opponent's pieces and I had completely lost track of what was still on the board.

RE: Omnidirectional draughts - AI hung - DennisSoemers - 02-13-2021

I've just tried running a few UCT vs UCT games with that trial as a starting point, 3 seconds per move, cannot reproduce any freezes. Some of the games did include some of those extremely long sequences of captures you describe.