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(region Colour) not coloring - Michael - 02-05-2021

For some reason (region Colour) is not doing anything in the attached .lud. Any idea why?

RE: (region Colour) not coloring - Michael - 02-05-2021

Nicholas reminded me of this post. I guess the problem is the integer function. But then there must be a mistake in the documentation. For whatever is supposed to take the place of <region> in the metadata is not the same as whatever is supposed to take the place of <region> elsewhere. To my mind that means that they are not the same type.

RE: (region Colour) not coloring - Eric Piette - 02-08-2021


Ok I looked why that does not have any effect.
And the reason was because the regionFunctions used in the metadata were needed to be static and also because the number of steps between sites need to be pre-generated to be usable (but until now we looked only the game alone, not the metadata to have to compute them).

Anyway I modified that, so now the pregen will be done in looking also the metadata and no need to be static for the regionFunction in the metadata.

See the attachment for the correct result of your description in (region Colour ...)

That should work in the next release for you.