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Zoom in/out on the playing area - thorsilver - 02-04-2021

Could a zoom in/out feature be added to Ludii, or is there one hidden somewhere?  I was amazed to find that Taikyoku Shogi has been implemented in Ludii, which is fantastic, and as far as I'm aware it's the first real implementation anywhere.  

However, it's not really playable since the pieces are so small, and therefore the kanji are unreadable :(  If there were a zoom feature, then I could zoom in on portions of the board and get an idea of what's happening.

If this feature was available then other gigantic games, including other large Shogi variants, would also be comfortably playable.

RE: Zoom in/out on the playing area - MatthewStephenson - 02-04-2021


We have a feature similar to this, that might achieve the same desired result.

If you open the preferences in Ludii (Ludii->Preferences), select the "Advanced" tab, and check the box next to "Developer options", you will get a new set of options in the menu bar under "Developer".

One of the options under this Developer menu bar, is called "Show dev tooltip". If you turn this on, then holding the mouse cursor over any piece on the board will show a larger version of its image, along with other developer details.