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Unexpected AI move in Dama (Italy) - fbarbe - 02-02-2021

I was playing around in Dama (Italy) against the Ludii AI and found myself in the uncomfortable situation of both having only one Piece, mainly to try to understand the AI's behaviour.
From the screenshot attached you can see that the AI could have easily quickly won the game by moving from D2 to C3, but unexpectedly moved to C1 instead.
This was with Ludii Player 1.1.11 I think, and it might be useful to know that I did use the "Back a Move" and "Forward a Move" feature to change the move history.

Can this behaviour be explained/fixed?

RE: Unexpected AI move in Dama (Italy) - DennisSoemers - 02-02-2021

I don't suppose you happen to have saved a .trl file that we can easily load to obtain exactly that situation in the app?

From just that screenshot, it's a bit difficult to say for sure. I see the UCT only has 0.1 second of thinking time per move. That's a rather low amount, so we can't expect the AI to be super strong. That situation in the screenshot seems to be such a simple one though that intuitively I'd expect that even 0.1 second thinking time should suffice... depending on hardware as well I guess.

The smiley with the sunglasses next to the AI indicates that it's feeling very happy about its situation, maybe it expects to win down the line even with this "strange" move (even if not as fast as it could with the other move).

If you encounter a situation like this again, it could also help to look at what's going on in the Analysis tab on the right-hand side. That should give some insight into the search process (how many iterations were run, what the expected value is, etc.)

RE: Unexpected AI move in Dama (Italy) - fbarbe - 02-03-2021

Alright, thanks a lot!
I will look at the Analysis tab next time I encounter something similar.