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regression tests - slimy_asparagus - 01-29-2021

This would be a purely internal matter, so I feel nervous about asking about this.

However I wonder if Ludii has any regression tests. If not a simple way of generating them would be using trials. If a trial is valid in one version it should usually still be valid in the next one. I believe it should be possible to automate this so that all it requires to run all the regression tests, is to run one script. I believe such an idea would be a great help. If something like it is already in use then I apologize for my impertinence in asking.

RE: regression tests - DennisSoemers - 01-29-2021

We do have something like you describe, yes; for every game, we generate a couple of random trials, and we consistently keep testing that they still play out the same way when we update our code. Plus a bunch of other kinds of unit tests too.

I'm not sure that that's exactly "regression testing" though. As I understand the term, regression testing is creating a highly specific test case to cover rare bugs once they've been discovered and fixed, to ensure that they are immediately discovered if they ever resurface again. So that would be, saving a highly specific (non-random trial) that produces a rare edge-case where we previously had some bug, to make sure that doesn't happen again. We don't really have that yet... but I agree that we should :)

RE: regression tests - slimy_asparagus - 01-29-2021


Thanks for the response.