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QuadHex board for three-player chess - xenos1984 - 01-25-2021

I thought I give it a try at implementing three-player chess from your (and my) wish list. So far it seemed straightforward, since ordinary chess basically just needs orthogonal and diagonal sliding, plus the knight walk. My current status (no pawns yet, no castling) is attached. My finding is that its actually not that straightforward so slide, well, straight forward. Basically, I read this presentation by Cameron:

So there it says:

Quote:Orthogonal: Share an edge
Diagonal: Cells in line through a vertex

But as you can see for the rook, it does not cross to the left half, although there is a shared edge. The queen jumps across another cell, without there being a shared edge. Bishop and queen follow the diagonals only the bit. And the knight... seems somehow lost. I assume that is because these lines are not really straight.

RE: QuadHex board for three-player chess - cambolbro - 01-26-2021


Yes those radials look wrong. I'll log an issue and look into it.

Thanks for providing the implementation for testing!