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Bajr rules? - pepster - 01-13-2021


This is not a "game problem" per-se, but I am not sure which other forum this question belongs to.

The rules given to Bajr seem nonsensical to me. The pages says X wins when her 3 checkers land on O's start checkers.

So, if (say) there is a winning strategy for X, O will simply leave one checker home and move the other two randomly. Similarly for O.

So this game, under best play, is always drawn. What am I missing?

Thanks, Jo

RE: Bajr rules? - cambolbro - 01-13-2021


The same problem exists with many games including Halma and Chinese Checkers.

I assume that there is some etiquette that players will move their pieces out of their home area to avoid this problem, but you're right a smart player would just leave a piece in their home to spoil them game.

We will investigate further and see if there is any evidence of additional rules to stop this behaviour, e.g. piece can only move towards enemy home, player must vacate their home area in first three turns, etc.


RE: Bajr rules? - dale walton - 01-16-2021

We used to have house rules for this when I was a kid.

I think it was that you had to leave at least one space open in your home for the opponent to enter, and if you couldn't (i.e. you got trapped) you lost.

I don't know how widespread this was, or whether it came from a rule sheet. I think you will find some evidence for such rules in some Halma games and variants published in the last 20 years or so.