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Jeson Mor - slimy_asparagus - 01-12-2021

I submit an implementation of Jeson Mor. It is on your wishlist.

RE: Jeson Mor - Eric Piette - 01-13-2021


Thanks for that submission.
After checking the game, we realized it was in our contribute games list and also included in the DLP games of our project.
Unfortunately, the original rules and the Wiki rules were just a bit different (on the original source, a knight has to reach the central spot to win, on Wiki the knight has to leave the central spot).
So I just made a little modification to the submitted lud to have these two variants and we keep the original source as default rules.

The game will be available in the next release.


RE: Jeson Mor - slimy_asparagus - 01-14-2021

It seems to me that weakening the victory condition, makes the game much worse. Surely this must be evidence that the original source misunderstood something.

RE: Jeson Mor - Walter.Crist - 01-14-2021


Unfortunately, we cannot assume that because there might be an improvement to the game based on what we perceive to be a good game is not necessarily evidence that a traditional game is poorly understood. Considering the source of the Wikipedia rules, the author cited there (Pritchard) aggregated information from many sources and compiled them into his book. He cites the original source, which is clear that the victory condition is to reach the central square. It's more likely that Pritchard was also of the opinion that the game would be better with that new winning condition, and added it. This is not uncommon in the literature on games, which is why we must always to go the original source.

In addition, the ideas of what makes games "good" can be culturally (or chronologically) bound. For instance, some games are meant to last many hours (or even days!), and would be considered boring by many. It's often easy to find ways to tweak a traditional game to bring them into line with these sensibilities, but we must never assume that because a game isn't optimal for our expectations of what a "good game" should look like that it is incorrect.


RE: Jeson Mor - slimy_asparagus - 01-14-2021


Thanks for the explanation.