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Games derived from Equi - dale walton - 01-04-2021

I've created a Ludii playground for various derivative games base on Equi, but without removal by capture. - They use ownership changes instead, implemented as piece replacements.

This also includes multi player options.

The standard variants Equiversi and Hops-a-Daisy Show where I came from with this, and are not necessarily the best most fun options, but almost all the combinations are playable and interesting, -and some can be quite different - especially when changing capture effects and the valuation of the discs.

Multi-player is not guaranteed to be finite but doesn't seem to be a problem (though some versions are quite punishing for multi players who get behind)

Anyway Have fun.  It is an example of how far one can take the Ludii system for use in experimentation.

Some of these the AI seems to get confused by -- but in other cases one discovers that the human ideas are faulty (ie highly opaque play: eg. Hops-a-Daisy)   Others are more sane.

I did a Daisy theme option (didn't spend time adjusting the colors for it, and it basically adds to the distraction.  It would be real nice if I could just export Inkscape files to your system, but the just break down, and even nicer if sophisticated svg art could be applied.

The Daisy is edited  by deletion from your Mahjong graphics. Delete it from this post if that violates the copyright.

RE: Games derived from Equi - Eric Piette - 01-06-2021

Hi Dale,

The game seems fine, no problem detecting  with that so I will add it soon.
But we would like to know if you can use some SVGs already in Ludii (you can see them in the SVG viewer (View --> Show SVG)) rather than asking us to add some other ones? For example we have a flower.svg which is a bit like yours Chrysanthemum.svg would it be possible to use that one?


RE: Games derived from Equi - dale walton - 01-07-2021

Right now I still find the optional Hopper/flower pieces distracting. I don't think the current flower would help - so for now I would recommend simply removing the option - as it is actually more an offering for those who like to test different rules in games than people looking for a "child" friendly graphical experience.

Eventually I might find a more visually appealing way to give it a distinct appearance.

RE: Games derived from Equi - Eric Piette - 01-08-2021

I added the game in our dev version. It will be added available in the next release.