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Simultaneous Movement - RogerCooper - 03-15-2020

Are there any currently implemented games that use simultaneous movement?

RE: Simultaneous Movement - DennisSoemers - 03-15-2020

Currently I think it's just Rock-Paper-Scissors. I don't believe many more (if any) are planned for the next release. We primarily focus on adding games that are relevant for the cultural aspects of the Digital Ludeme Project, and games that may not be directly relevant for that but introduce new mechanics that we believe to be important to have included and tested. These tend to not be simultaneous-move games in general. That said, we do fully intend to support it, so we'd certainly be interested in seeing other peoples' attempts at implementing simultaneous move games and hearing if anything doesn't work as expected there.

RE: Simultaneous Movement - RogerCooper - 03-15-2020

I was hoping for something less trivial than Rock-Paper-Scissors. But I understand your emphasis on games of cultural significance.

I have some interest in eventually using Ludii for historical (military) simulation games, where simultaneous movement and/or hidden information can be important.