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Unplayable sites - Michael - 12-07-2020

I am scripting a boardless game with movement using (move <from> <to>). In the attached .lud you can move a tile just west of the westmost tile in its row as long as it isn't already the westmost tile and wasn't just placed on the same turn. Movement works fine, but after having moved a tile, the site you just vacated will be unplayable even though it is adjacent to a tile. 

I have attached a trial illustrating this. After move 4 there is neither an index-number or a dot indicating a legal move at 840. As far as I can see, this should be a playable site.

RE: Unplayable sites - Eric Piette - 12-08-2020


To be honest in a boardless game, only Andantino was using the ludeme (sites Playable ...). And to work the action to move a piece has to update the playable sites, which is not the case in the current version.
I just update the state to update the playable sites as needed.
In waiting that modification you can write yourself a "define" to get all the sites around all the sites occupied by any player :)
Thanks for pointing that problem ;)


RE: Unplayable sites - Michael - 12-08-2020

Thanks! I'm not sure how to fix it in the meantime, though. I tried using "(sites Around (sites Occupied by:All) Empty)" instead of "(sites Playable)", but it didn't remove the problem. I'll just wait for the fix, I think.

RE: Unplayable sites - Michael - 12-09-2020

Thanks for the fix! A different issue showed up however. Now unplayable sites can show up as playable after a move. See the attached trial for an example. I just intersected with empty sites to work around it, but it's clearly a bug.

RE: Unplayable sites - Eric Piette - 12-14-2020


Yes exact. I just fixed it, will be in the next release.