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(sites <intArrayFunction>) - Michael - 12-02-2020

Can we have a region function that creates a region from an array of integers? Like (sites <intArrayFunction>).

The same effect could be achieved with (forEach) and a boolean function (all Values <intArrayFunction> if:<boolean>), which would be nice, but the first suggestion is cleaner.

The reason I need it is because of a clash between the reference of (value) when having (forEach Value) inside (forEach Value). I need it to mean two different things in the same context. I can circumvent it by using (forEach Site (sites <intArrayFunction>)) for one of them, so I can refer to the different contexts with (value) and (site).

RE: (sites <intArrayFunction>) - Eric Piette - 12-04-2020


Yes of course. That's a pretty quick add, I do it now for our dev version.