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decision followed by a decision - AlekErickson - 11-29-2020

In many games, players do a decision type A , which may trigger a decision type B. 

However it seems that ludii only supports decision followed by non-decision.
A decision followed by decision by the same player , as far as I understand, requires moveAgain.
However, moveAgain is not sufficient as I understand it, to support decision A (such as a placement) triggering decision B (such as a swap) based on a condition (such as a crosscut pattern). 

I tried a few reasonable attempts in my Swap pieces thread and Pattern recognition thread, and I am looking forward to hearing how I have made mistakes, but it could be useful to explicitly add in functionality for a decision followed by a different decision. 

if somebody has workaround code for this please let me know. 


RE: decision followed by a decision - cambolbro - 11-29-2020


We've tried to adopt a model in which each player turn is made up of a number of decisions by the mover, where each move involves exactly one decision. In other words, each decision by a player corresponds to a move (where each move can consist of multiple actions).

So if you want the player to make consecutive decisions within their turn, each should be treated as a separate move by the player.


RE: decision followed by a decision - slimy_asparagus - 11-30-2020

I imagine and hope the way this is supposed to work is as follows:

1. Which moves are permitted are controlled by some of the variables (could be state, value, pending, counters, maps maybe and so on.)
2. Move A changes may change some of those variables and then if appropriate does a (moveAgain).