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Ludii Forum is now live - MatthewStephenson - 11-22-2019

The official Ludii Forum is now live!

This forum provides a great place for fans of board games to chat about different topics.

Join the discussion today at

We would also like to hear suggestions on what games and features we should include in future versions of Ludii.

RE: Ludii Forum is now live - MatthewStephenson - 01-15-2020

Welcome back everyone!

The Ludii Forum is now back up and running after the cyber attack on our university a few weeks ago.

None of the information that is stored on our server was affected. But as a precaution the university temporarily closed all access until now.

All potentially sensitive information such as email addresses and passwords are stored securely behind an additional layer of protection on our encrypted database.

Thank you for your patience during this period.