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Newest / unread threads / posts - xenos1984 - 11-19-2020

Does the forum have a feature that allows showing a list of updates, such as newest, unread, active topics or new posts? I am normally using this on other forums and find it very useful to see at a glimpse which topics are actively discussed at the moment, or which I have not seen yet, and which I could contribute to, but here I could not find such a feature, despite searching for a while.

RE: Newest / unread threads / posts - MatthewStephenson - 11-19-2020


The easiest way to filter all threads is using the forum search functionality, which can be selected from the menu bar at the top.

By default, the results will be ordered based on the date of the last post that was made.
This is the easiest way I know of to see the most active topics.


RE: Newest / unread threads / posts - xenos1984 - 11-19-2020

Ah, I see. I didn't know that one can search for "all posts" with an empty search key, but indeed that does exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!