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5 second delay for timed games online - AlekErickson - 11-16-2020

To host an "official" tournament for Tumbleweed, we need some kind of delay per move for timed games online. 
Otherwise it is not really nice for players that have run out of time. 
If they run out of time despite a 5-second delay for each move to account for logistics, clicking, time to communicate with server, etc...then it is fair to declare a loss. Otherwise, it doesn't seem right.

This is a standard feature of most online gaming sites, and I think it makes sense to include here.

RE: 5 second delay for timed games online - MatthewStephenson - 11-17-2020


Thanks for the suggestion. We don't have any plans to implement this I'm afraid.
The Ludii online server is not designed for rapid play where a few seconds can make the difference, as moves are sometimes delayed when being transmitted.
Adding additional time to a players time limit after the game has begun, also causes several logistical problems for us.
If users are running out of time due to communication delays, I would recommend increasing the overall time that each player has to compensate.