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Online Play - AlekErickson - 11-03-2020

1) Spectators: It's not a problem really, but how does spectating games work in Ludii, if I have 3 people who want to watch 2 other people play Tumbleweed?

2) Chat box: would it be possible to set up a chat box for the game room so that players and spectators can talk during? 

3) Take backs (and analysis mode): All regular game sites have the ability to take back moves or just see which moves were played previously. This should probably be a feature in ludii. Same goes for making moves hypothetically that don't actually affect the game, and players should be able to click somewhere to snap out of analysis mode , back into the real game.

RE: Online Play - MatthewStephenson - 11-09-2020


Thank you for the suggestions.

1) Currently this is not possible in Ludii, we will probably add this in the future.

2) We already have something similar to this. If you are playing an online game, then on the "Remote" tab of the Remote dialog box (the same place where you log in to play online games), there is a text box down the bottom with the title "Send Game Chat Message". If you type a message here and click send, this message will be sent to all players of the game you are in.

3) This is available in offline mode, but not online. We may also add this to online mode in the future. To achieve something like this right now, the easiest way I can see would be to actually log out of the remote dialog (which converts your current game state to an offline version), and then to return to the online game just log in again and rejoin the game.


RE: Online Play - MatthewStephenson - 11-18-2020


We have added the ability to spectate games in the newest version of Ludii (1.1.1)
To spectate a game, you simply need to select it from the list of "Other Games" in the Remote Dialog.
This functionality has only been tested on a handful of games so far, so if you see anything strange please let us know.