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Load Game suggestions - livingtech - 10-26-2020

I would love to see the filtering/sorting mechanisms that are available on the website ( implemented on the screen that results from the menu's "File -> Load Game" option.

Additionally, it would be wonderful to be able to filter the games by other parameters in the .lud files. Here are some useful ones I can imagine:
  • number of players
  • board type
Finally, and this is probably lowest priority (for myself anyway), but I do still think it would be useful to filter by parameters that I think Ludii probably does not know (without, doing some analysis, I think):
  • included game mechanics, for example: movement vs. placement
  • end-of-game conditions, for example: connection vs. checkmate
Thanks for all the work on Ludii already, it's shaping up to be a wonderful resource.

RE: Load Game suggestions - MatthewStephenson - 10-29-2020


Thanks for the support!

The sorting mechanisms on the website are supported by a back-end server, which handles this filtering process. The Ludii application does not have this same functionality unfortunately, partially to keep the file size of the jar small.

We may eventually allow games to be filtered based on their mechanics of properties, but we do not have any immediate plans for this at the moment.

We will certainly keep your suggestion in mind.