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Gauntlet Submission - Phil Leduc - 10-13-2020

I would like to submit my game Gauntlet for inclusion into the Ludii database (1.0.7). See the attached file.

Gauntlet is a game of unequal forces that challenges players to run a gauntlet of blockers. The runner is outnumbered 2 to 1 and must squeeze a path between the sentinel blockers.  This game is "straightforward" so I thought it would be a good place to start learning Ludii script. I believe the game will fit well in the race/reach category. The game comes in two flavors, standard and tournament which are accessible through options. The standard game is played on an 8 x 8 checkerboard, players checkers move forward in one direction only. The runner moves tokens vertically upwards and the blocker have two columns of checkers that move horizontally right and left respectively. Captures are as in the game of Checkers but in orthogonal directions. Captures are mandatory. The tournament game is played on a 10 x 10 board and captures are optional!
A complete write up of Gauntlet can be found on my website, The Owl's Nest.

I would like to thank Eric Piette for creating a Ludii entry for my game Go with the Floe and whoever (Cameron?) suggested GwtF to Eric.

If my games, especially my Nestor published games, are acceptable, I hope to work on my game Murus Gallicus next.


RE: Gauntlet Submission - AlekErickson - 10-13-2020

Hi Phil! Good to see you found Ludii :D

RE: Gauntlet Submission - Eric Piette - 10-14-2020

Hi Phil,

Thank you to you for all these great games and again more for taking the time to write them in the Ludii language!

I discovered your games when I looked the library of games of Nestor. Then I did it, because I liked his originality and simply because I wanted to play to it :)

I looked the description of your Gauntlet game, and that sounds perfect. So I am going to add it and it will be in the next release of Ludii.

And yes, any submission you can make, if they respect the ownership laws and if they work can be added to Ludii. If the game is already published we add it to the right category (like for Go with the Floe or here for Gauntlet) and if the game is more in a kind of development phase, we add it to the experimental category.

Once again, thank you for your submission!

Eric Piette