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Remove count - AlekErickson - 09-28-2020

For Add and (add), you have added a count parameter and it has allowed us to almost program more stacking games since 1.07.

However we might need a similar count parameter for all Remove and (remove) functions, to successfully program the stacking games. 

It would be a really great help. 

Thank you!

Alternatively, one could add a feature that when a piece (or stack) gets added to a location, it replaces everything on that location. 
It could be part of the Add. 

If there is already a simple way to do this please let me know!

RE: Remove count - Eric Piette - 10-02-2020


Adding a count parameter to remove is effectively useful I will do it.
In case of stacking games it will remove pieces from the top.

For the other question, no you will have to remove all the stack/piece in this site then add your piece. With that's new count parameter to remove that should possible easier.