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noRepeat - unhandyandy - 09-13-2020

Is it possible to forbid repetitions by one player but not the other?  This might be necessary in asymmetric games; it is certainly required in most variants of hnefatafl, including brandub.

RE: noRepeat - cambolbro - 09-14-2020


No, our "no repetition" rules are for all players or none.

Can you point us to a rule set that allows repetitions for one player but not the other(s).


RE: noRepeat - unhandyandy - 09-14-2020

There's a discussion of repetition at

The rules have been rather complicated, even subjective, depending on which player is the "aggressor".  There's some movement towards making repetition a loss for White.  In any case, repetitions are handled asymmetrically in most variants.