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Pachtspel - arjenketelaar - 01-17-2020

Would like to model & include the Pachtspel which was played in Zeeland (the Netherlands) at New Years Eve. Paying material includes six dices (5 sides empty, remaining side 1 .. 6), coins, bones and two bucket. I can model it if there's some documentation and guidance available.

RE: Pachtspel - DennisSoemers - 01-20-2020

Proper documentation for the full program is still work in progress for us, so we don't have that ready yet.

Do you have a summary of the rules somewhere? That could help us to more easily point you towards the most important ludemes for the main mechanisms.

It's ok if it's in Dutch, I can read/translate it too Smile But I'm not finding a lot on google / can't tell for sure whether anything I find is accurate.