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Skirt Update - dale walton - 10-02-2023

I have  extensively updated my Skirt script.

It now handles more cases of territory recognition (maybe 100%) and does so slightly faster than before.

I have specified ai heuristics (by trial and error and gut feeling) that work reasonably on a tactical level - strategy is well beyond the AI as the calculation load for determining territory/score is so high that it can barely see beyond the current turn. And look-ahead decrease as the game progresses. - but it can recognize a win when one is available. perhaps my settings could be a starting point for training.

I have added rule-sets, including for the new variant "Natal Seas" using whale pieces, and three action turns, which will become the standard version.

I have added an option to restrict the movement turn to locations not placeable, in order to reduce the branching factor and guide the ai to sensible moves. 

This makes a similar game, but is not standard, as it is a complication for human play.

I have also modified scoring to include the pieces as well as the territory to allow simple determination of the winner after each action. The effect of the scoring is in all other respects the same.

Re ai heuristics... Note since certain dynamic regions are calculated every turn to display territory and score, it would be useful if they could be used as heuristics. -  I assume this currently impossible?

Requested Ludii feature: It would be nice if proximity heuristics could be assigned to dynamic regions as well as static ones. This could be used for things like proximity to opponent, proximity to self proximity to empty proximity to unclaimed territory, etc...

Included is the new script, and a sample game I played against myself.  This size is defaulted because the ai can manage it. However, human play is better on boards of at least 90 points.