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simplify loading a custom AI - Quentin Cohen-Solal - 09-27-2023

Currently, using a custom AI is a very tedious task, it takes around 7-8 clicks to load a custom AI. The irony is that with a previous version of Ludii, it was shorter.

I propose to add an alternative option to "From Jar" when choosing the AI: "Last AI From Jar (AI Name that will be loaded)". The idea would be that this choice automatically loads the last AI loaded by "From Jar" so as not to need to respecify the path to the associated .jar file. 

It would also be necessary to decouple the two AIs, because changing one of the AIs requires reloading the other AI (i.e. currently respecifying the path of the .jar file, which still requires additional clicks but also loading time of the AI which with a personalized AI takes a significant amount of time even though there is no point in reloading it.

Note that in older Ludii versions (for example 1.1.15), the choice of the two AIs was decoupled, with these olds versions, we could change AI much more easily and quickly: it was better before!

RE: simplify loading a custom AI - Eric Piette - 09-29-2023

You have a lot of nice ideas to improve Ludii usability based on your own experience. I try to keep tracks of them, but that's not easy with multiple posts.
Would you be able to send me a mail or a PDF with all these improvements wished?