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Custom online games - Quentin Cohen-Solal - 09-27-2023

It would be desirable to be able to play an online match with a personalized game: when creating an online game, the idea would be that we could load a .lud file, this will then be sent to the other player when he joins our game.

In addition to the fact that such an option would make Ludii even more attractive for game creators and fans of personalized and prototype games, it would allow to be able to intervene directly during the Computer Olympiad to correct a rule problem (a bug in the Ludii game or to use an unimplemented rule variant). Such an option is more than desirable, because when such a problem appears during the Computer Olympiad, given the Ludii update times, this problem is simply fatal...

RE: Custom online games - Eric Piette - 09-29-2023

I agree with this, however currently all is centralised by the same server, so that's not possible.

But I agree with all your comments, this is something I should discuss with Cameron to try to redo all the server side and to change these aspects as well.

RE: Custom online games - wheatdesert - 01-16-2024

That's a fantastic idea. However, everything is now consolidated by the same server. As a result, implementing it is fairly complex.