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Improve readability - Quentin Cohen-Solal - 09-27-2023


In the move tab, it would be desirable for each move to be colored by the color of the player in question, in order to know at a glance who played.

Concerning the display of coordinates, for certain games, they are not visible, in particular for color problems. Perhaps allowing to change the color of the coordinates would manually improve the situation. Another possibility would be to have an option to display the coordinates on the left and bottom of the board instead of superimposing them on the board.


RE: Improve readability - Eric Piette - 09-29-2023

Hi Quentin,

I will keep notes of your first comment in case we have someone who will work on GUI updates at some points.

Concerning your second comment, Matthew implemented something a long time ago for this, the option Coordinate outline in the Preferences --> Advanced.
Did you try this?


RE: Improve readability - sarausa0106 - 04-01-2024

I think that possibility is entirely possible because each country has different points.
Suika game