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disabling swap option - Quentin Cohen-Solal - 09-12-2020

It would be interesting to have the option of disabling swap for swap games.

RE: disabling swap option - cambolbro - 09-12-2020


We do have an (options ...) mechanism, so you can specify variant rule sets for games, including variants without swap rules.


RE: disabling swap option - Quentin Cohen-Solal - 09-12-2020

I don't think I was clear enough. For example, I would like to be able to disable swap for games like Hex in the graphical interface (Options menu).
Thank you for your consideration.

RE: disabling swap option - Eric Piette - 09-12-2020


Yes Quentin to make the swap rule to be enable or not in the GUI feature, you have to use the options mechanism in the description of the game. I added that to our Hex.lud (see attachment). You can load it with Ludii (Load Game from File) and then in the options menu you will be able to disable the swap rule if you want. I will let that option for the next release in Hex to let the possibility to anyone to disable it if wished.

Eric Piette

RE: disabling swap option - Quentin Cohen-Solal - 09-12-2020

Thank you so much.