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Affinage game system - dale walton - 09-06-2023

The attached script is for an experimental class of games using paired placements.
Some of these don't work well with the AI because it can't see how to break the drawn starting position...

However the  partisan setups work fine.

I may add rulesets in the future if particular games in the set have special value.

Please go to the last reply entry in this thread and download that version,,, This one is out of date

RE: Affinage game system - dale walton - 09-12-2023

Updated version with more options - especially including restrictions on odd sized neutral territory.

Now out of date

RE: Affinage game system - dale walton - 09-17-2023

Completely revised script with additional options and automated selection of appropriate adjacency limits. Because the two parts of a turn are now part of the same turn the look-ahead is probably deeper at the end of the game. And for the game without the odd territory restrictions  provides a couple turn look-ahead on a 10x10 square board. 

There are a variety of odd-region restrictions of progressively heavier weight and more reliability in avoiding draws to choose from.

Now Out of Date

RE: Affinage game system - dale walton - 09-19-2023

Update to bring the calculation of the combined proximity option into conformity with the description: first piece can count as neighbor of second piece and not vice-versa.
Also to add option of anywhere separated to allow partisan anywhere same-color exclusion, and non-partisan anywhere different color exclusion to be correctly specified.

Now out of date.

RE: Affinage game system - dale walton - 09-20-2023

I have added some new options for how to limit odd territory.  The options are in order of weight. The bottom options at considerable time to moves on large boards beyond the amount selected for the AI, so they only work on small boards.  The top entry gives the most AI depth, and is simple, but my preference is for the 2nd and 3rd options. of that category.

AlphaBeta AI opening play is more or less random for the first half of the games, and then rapidly improves.  The games are short - about 20 moves per player on the largest boards.

This is the most up-to-date version.

RE: Affinage game system - dale walton - 01-01-2024

Will this get implemented this time around?