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you are not a registered user. - havannah_ccp - 08-28-2023

I registered as a new user yesterday on Ludii, but even after a day, I'm unable to log in. The system keeps displaying the message "you are not a registered user." I went back to review my registration process, and I was prompted with the message "To complete your registration, please check your email for the account activation instructions. You may not be able to post until your account has been activated." However, I haven't received any emails regarding the activation.
I'm using Ludii version 1.3.11.jar. Could you please guide me on resolving this issue?

RE: you are not a registered user. - Quentin Cohen-Solal - 08-28-2023


While waiting for the Ludii team to get back to you, which may take some time as they are on vacation, you can log into the Ludii site and there is an option to request a new email (direct link: Unfortunately, it doesn't work all the time. You can also try creating another account using another email address, preferably of a different type (e.g. I couldn't create an account from a "gmail" email address).