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What is the "Skill Trace" section? - utzorg - 08-09-2023

Hello, I've been looking into the Ludii System specially into it's analysis features and I've come into a section named "Skill Trace" which I cannot figure out it's meaning or use case.
The "Skill Trace" section is located in the bottom right corner of the "Game Evaluation" window, which I found through "Analysis" Tab -> "Evaluation Dialog".
Can someone explain to me what is the function of this section? Also how does it influences a game's evaluation?

RE: What is the "Skill Trace" section? - dale walton - 08-14-2023

It appears to run several series of trials (taking a long time to complete!) in order to compare win rates at different AI thinking time levels...

RE: What is the "Skill Trace" section? - fuerchter - 08-14-2023

This probably is an implementation of what was presented at ieee cog 2022? If you ctrl+f "skill trace" on that page you should find the relevant paper.