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GameTable COST Action - New European Funding related to Ludii - Eric Piette - 06-20-2023

We are pleased to announce the funding of the COST Action "Computational Techniques for Tabletop Games Heritage (GameTable)".

COST Actions (European Cooperation in Science and Technology), funded by the European Union, bring together researchers in different fields to investigate a topic over the course of four years. It funds collaboration and networking activities such as conferences, workshops, research exchanges, and other things. More info is here:

Our specific project will collaborate on ways to better develop computational methods including AI to study games as cultural heritage, bringing together computer scientists, historians, archaeologists, anthropologists, mathematicians, and people involved in educational and cultural research to achieve this.

Five working groups have been designed to coordinate this research effort:
- Search, Planning, Learning, and Explainability;
- Cultural Heritage of Games;
- Automated Game and Puzzle Design;
- Mathematics in Games;
- Implementation, Dissemination, and Education.

This Action involved an important number of AI challenges described in our detailed Memorandum of Understanding which explains the project, available here:

If you're interested, check out the COST project page:
The Action will start on November, 1st.

Looking forward to seeing all the progress which will be made in this direction, and in particular regarding the evolution of Ludii over the next four years.

Eric Piette and Walter Crist