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The Triple-Ko rule is missing in Go.lum - Florian - 08-26-2020

In Go, when 3 ko exist at the same moment in a game, the game is considered to be a draw. This is, to the best of my knowledge, the only rule where a Go game can end with a draw.

RE: The Triple-Ko rule is missing in Go.lum - Eric Piette - 09-06-2020

Hi Florian

Is it an official rule or just something done by the players when they see that situation?
Because in wiki they said

"A triple ko is when three kos are being fought simultaneously. In this case a long loop, of period six plays, can occur, not being ruled out by the ko rule: it is possible for the two players to continually take and retake the three kos in a fixed cyclic order. If both players judge this to be the best line of play, then the game could, theoretically, continue forever. When there are three kos on the board, it does not follow that there will be a triple ko: as long as one player can concede two out of three and still be ahead, there is no reason for the loop to persist; and normally that is true. When such a position does occur, the game is called off and the opponents begin a new game. However, this only occurs with the so-called "basic ko rule" that one cannot recapture immediately."

So that seems to be more something concede by the players than an official rules in which case we should not implement it I guess.

Eric Piette