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SnipSnip - dale walton - 01-17-2023

SnipSnip is the evolution of Tri-It-Out! mentions previously as FreeChains.

The options give 24 different games: 2 capture systems x 4 (i.e 2 group connectivities x 2 Misere/Standard (which affects turn order as well)) x 3 types of grids.

There are many size boards included.

Most combinations are interesting to play, except that plain square grids play better with the diagonal group option, and that the diagonal group option is hard to visualize.
I have dynamically colored connections in order to assist identifying diagonal groups, but not used this for normal group goals.

In the future, some of these variants should be selected as rulesets, but for now more experience is needed. 
Feel free to select a couple ruleset versions to begin with: I suggest these as a sampler:

Scoring/Groups - Misere, Capture/Diagonal, Board Size/Equiversi 3-5 (36)
Scoring/Diagonal-Linked Groups, Capture/Between, Board Size/Square 9 ortho (81) -- but quite a bit beyond the AI capacity
Scoring/Groups, Capture/Between, Board Size/Hex 4-5 (48)
Scoring/Groups - Misere, Capture/Between, Board Size/Square omni 4 (25)
Scoring/Diagonal-Linked Groups, Capture/Diagonal, Board Size/Square omni 5 (41)

RE: SnipSnip - Eric Piette - 01-25-2023


Thanks for the submission. The game will be in the next release.


RE: SnipSnip - Zachariah Beier - 11-09-2023

Diagonal groups can be a bit challenging to visualize, but the game provides dynamically colored connections to assist with identifying them.