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About Game Classifications - Victor Putrich - 10-24-2022


I would like to know if there is a definition for the game's classification used in Ludii anywhere I can find?

Even if it is an empirical evaluation of common aspects between games, would be nice if we could find an explanation about each classification and sub-classification.

I'm finishing my graduation and my undergrad thesis is about AI agents performance in the Kilothon contest.
My idea is to define a relation between the modifications made in the agent and the impact of it in each group of games.
The problem is, I'm getting a little confuse trying to to analyze some differences between games run in Kilothon because I don't have the definition of such classifications.

RE: About Game Classifications - Eric Piette - 10-26-2022


The classification used in the Ludii system is mostly arbitrary.
We already thought about this question and this question has many answers in reality, this really depends of the criteria.
One of the things we did is to classify according to the concepts. This is working, but will probably not always be clear for users/players/humans because this can also depend on which concepts you use and if you include some which are related to the description of the games.

However, if you are focused on AI agents, you could use the concepts to cluster the games and make an agent based on this.
This is one of the things which is also in-going in our current work :)