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Bug in Reversi/Othello - Wolfgang Konen - 08-13-2020

There seems to be a severe bug in the implementation of the game Othello/Reversi:

The official rules are (see e.g. "If one player can not make a valid move, play passes back to the other player. When neither player can move, the game ends."

Ludii seems to implement Othello in a way that the game ends as soon as one player cannot move any longer. See the following example:

[Image: BugLudiiOthello.png]

White (player 2) has just set the piece in the lower right corner. Black (player 1) cannot move. Normally, according to the official Othello rules, the right to move would pass back to White and White would play the upper left corner. This would give Black the option for a single, humble move (right-most cell in 2nd-lowest row). White is likely to win this game.

Ludii, on the other hand, terminates this game immediately. Even more strange, it declares Black (player 1) to be the winner.

I would love if you could make Ludii Othello work the same way as regular Othello.

RE: Bug in Reversi/Othello - Eric Piette - 08-13-2020


Do you use the latest version of Ludii (v1.0.2). Because that's a bug we had before, but it should be fixed now.
I just make a test in our current dev ludii version and the game does not do that and seems fine.

If you are on the latest version, can you send us a trial with that problem to test it?

Eric Piette.

RE: Bug in Reversi/Othello - Wolfgang Konen - 08-13-2020

Oh, it seems you are right!
When I was getting this error I was using Ludii 0.9.x
I switched now to Ludii 1.0.2 and the error seems gone, at least I have observed a "(Pass)"

Thanks for the quick response!
Best regards