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Regarding Dama variants - Sultan Ratrout - 08-18-2022

The ludii player works well, but there is something wrong with a statement related to Turkish Draughts (Dama), Comoros Dama and Dama in Kenya.
Mistake: Pieces can be promoted to king mid-jump.
Correction: Pieces can NOT be promoted to king mid-jump.

Pieces continue capturing in the last rank as men till they are crowned to Damas (Kings). In other words, a piece only becomes a king at the end of its move.
By the way, there is nothing wrong with the ludii player as it works well and it follows the description in the correction I just provided, that is a piece continues capturing in the last rank till as a man it is promoted.

Regarding the reference on Kenya Dama variant
Townshend, P. 1986. Games in culture: A contextual analysis of the Swahili board game and its relevance to variation in African mankala. Unpublished PhD dissertation, University of Cambridge.
If anyone happens to have this reference, please send me the scanned pages from this reference, pages 106-108 and 218-259