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Tie breaker rule for (byScore) - ccxvii - 08-09-2020

I want to do something like the following to handle tie-breaking rules in scored games when the scores are equal.

  (if ...)
      (score P1 (count Pieces P1))
      (score P2 (count Pieces P2))

RE: Tie breaker rule for (byScore) - Eric Piette - 08-09-2020


With the current version, if you want to handle the 3 possibles cases (>, + and <) with specific results for some of them for the score (or any data like here in your example with the count of the pieces), you can do a sequence of 'If' tests for the different cases.

Something like

   (if (....)
      (if (> (score P1) (score P2)) (result P1 Win))
      (if (< (score P1) (score P2)) (result P2 Win))
      (result Mover Win)

Eric Piette