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A working view for 3D layers, please - dale walton - 08-15-2022

I added layers to Polypods and was please to see the logic worked perfectly.  Much easier than if I had to  write defines for vertical adjacency across several separate boards. However, to check this I had to play each turn on a physical board because the display showed all the layers in the same place.

Please tell me I am missing something or show me what I am doing wrong. 
(I note that you say an isometric view is coming in the future, but expected the display of pieces to be offset like stacking does, -- or better, separate offset boards, as is implied in the documentation, while we wait for isometric (or oblique) projections)

Attached is the experimental version of Polypods (square) with 3D

RE: A working view for 3D layers, please - Eric Piette - 08-22-2022


Yes, we are not focused on the GUI for 3D games in this project. But maybe later, we will work on it, but that's not our priority for the moment. Only the logic that I did, is working for these games right now (except if you use a Shibumi board like "Spline" for which the GUI was also done).


RE: A working view for 3D layers, please - dale walton - 08-23-2022

Yes, The game worked in 3D but Can't see the pieces, and can't select places to move.

The alternative is to script my own 3D level relationships onto separate boards, and for Polypods that seems easy to get wrong, as the script is complicated already...

I can understand the priority though. Probably not a lot of old 3D games - it is not a direction that is convenient for games to evolve to.