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Mensa Spiel - Tester001 - 08-23-2022

Here is an implementation of the game called 'Mensa Spiel', invented by Andreas Pichler from Mensa Austria. (Spiel means game in german)

It is played on a board with two connected rings. Starting from the center of the rings the pieces move on the colored sites in orthogonal steps forward, left or right.

There are three important rules:
The total STEPLENGHT is equal to the sum of the pips of a players color on positions occupied by their pieces.
Pieces either move to empty sites or they can CAPTURE an enemy-piece, when it is located on the same color in the opposite ring.
To bring a new STARTER to ones base, you have to reach the same color of a friendly piece in the opposite ring.

Captured pieces form a stack (top piece is owner of the stack) and need to be brought to the field in the center of the board to send the captured enemy-pieces to jail.
The first player to have 3 prisoners or extinction of opponent wins.
See details in the rules section of the game.

It's a complex strategical game in which almost every move changes the steplength and therefore the attack & defence patterns,
which makes it difficult to calculate for humans but also very entertaining to play.

I guess the movement part of the game can be implemented much shorter with a more algorithmic approach,
but since I was just learning the ludii language I couldn't do any better than using a lot of if's and a lot more of maps.
(maybe that's the reason compiling takes about 15 sec.)
But probably due to the non complex step-implementation as it is now, the performance in terms of calculation depth is very good.

Still, I hope it's interesting enough to include in the next release, which the game's author has given permission for.


The animation of the stack movement per drag&drop will be fixed in the next ludii version (1.3.6), so for now its better to click on a piece and then select the target site.
As in most games it is recommended to activate the 'Show Moves' option (the question mark at the bottom right) in the ludii-player to see the pieces that can move.
I plan to replace the 'Cone' images with the 'Triangle' graphics to get rid of the 3D part of the cones which will show the stacks more clearly.
But I have to test this first with the scaleX and scaleY parameters of the piece foreground ludeme, which will be available in version 1.3.6.


RE: Mensa Spiel - Eric Piette - 08-23-2022


I added the game, it will be available in the next release.


RE: Mensa Spiel - Tester001 - 09-21-2022

This is an update for the game 'Mensa Spiel' with better grafics and fixed minor inaccuracies.

Regards, Franz

RE: Mensa Spiel - Eric Piette - 09-24-2022


Ok, I updated it for the next release.
Could you confirm that you did not modify the text of the description or the text of the rules?


RE: Mensa Spiel - Tester001 - 09-24-2022

Yes, I can confirm that I didn't modify the text of the description or the text of the rules.
Only two lines (piece grafics and some score setting) needed to be changed.
And I used the official file from the ludii website, so the whole structure of the file is exactly the same as published in v1.3.6.

RE: Mensa Spiel - Tester001 - 01-25-2023

An inaccuracy in the extinction detection was found for some endgames, which I have now corrected.
On this occasion I also optimized the step counting.

Nothing in the text of the description or the rules has been changed.

Please include this corrected version in the next release.
Thx, Franz

RE: Mensa Spiel - Eric Piette - 01-26-2023


Ok sure, It will be updated in the next release.


RE: Mensa Spiel - Tester001 - 02-07-2023

Sorry that I have yet another edit, but this is important for the game. Although all the maps in the .lud file (which are containing the steplength-patterns) were checked by computer, it had two wrong numbers in it. I noticed it by chance in a game when a move was missing. 
must have been this non-perfect human factor making one last small change between number-check and upload. 
The attached file plays accurate now.   

Regards, Franz

RE: Mensa Spiel - Eric Piette - 02-07-2023


No Problem. It will be updated with the next release.


RE: Mensa Spiel - Tester001 - 03-08-2023

Hi Eric,
Unfortunately, in the last version I used the (count Pieces .. ) ludeme without specifying a roleType, which doesn't work as expected.
 So I have to change this back to 'count Sites' which worked fine.
In response to player feedback I also extended the endgame options. 
Please include this last change and final version of MensaSpiel in the next release.
Regards, Franz