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Mini Wars AI - RogerCooper - 08-08-2022

I have been playing the game Mini Wars. I have noticed that the Ludii-favored AI (MC-GRAVE) basically plays randomly. Alpha-Beta plays only slightly better. What is going on?

RE: Mini Wars AI - DennisSoemers - 08-09-2022

The game runs rather slow (its game logic is very complex for Ludii), and it has a very "narrow", long-term end condition (reaching a terminal game state requires a rather long sequence of relatively specific actions among a huge space of possible actions). Both of these issues together make it infeasible to get any relevant information out of standard tree search approaches in any reasonable amount of time.

RE: Mini Wars AI - RogerCooper - 08-19-2022

It is unfortunate the Ludii does not give the ability to create a position evaluation function. Just adding up the total strengths in the game, would probably give me passable results.

RE: Mini Wars AI - dale walton - 08-19-2022

At the cost of adding more weight to the implementation, you could create a "score" to store your proposed sum in, and then use score as a heuristic for the Alpha-Beta Ai - and there are also settings for the positionally tunable AI's, which is beyond my ability to work with effectively. -- But it is not clear if either of those approaches are efficient enough to improve the play...