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L'Attaque - ccxvii - 08-06-2020

The rules as implemented for l'Attaque seem to be the rules for Stratego with the board of l'Attaque.

I have the 100 year anniversary edition of l'Attaque that was released last year. The box includes the original 1920's rules as well, and they have a number of differences in regards to how pieces move and attack.

In the 1920's rules:

* You attack by moving to the square in front of an opponent and saying "Attack!". Attacking is optional.
* As a consequence, there are some limitations on where you may place the flag, so as to not make the game unwinnable. You may not place the flag on the squares directly behind the three rivers, nor may you place it in any of the four squares behind the river with only mines between it and the river.
* When two scouts (value 2) attack each other, both remain instead of taking each other out.
* The Commander-in-Chief (value 10) cannot capture the spy.
* You also lose if you cannot move on your turn.

In the 2019 rules there are a few differences introduced (my guess is accidentally due to sloppy editing, but nonetheless):

* Scouts that attack each other are both removed.
* The CiC can capture the spy.
* Flags may not be placed on the squares directly behind the river -- but no restriction on placing it further behind with only mines between the flag and the river.
* Mines may not be placed "between the rivers" -- whatever that can possibly mean. Maybe they intend the same rule as in the 1920's rules?

The "Rules" text in the Ludii version also incorrectly states that there are 40 pieces. There are 36.

RE: L'Attaque - cambolbro - 08-06-2020


Can you attach a photo/scan of the rules for our reference?


RE: L'Attaque - ccxvii - 08-07-2020

Attached are scans of both rule sheets included in the 2019 edition of l'Attaque from Gibsons.

RE: L'Attaque - ccxvii - 08-10-2020

The plot thickens! I found more scans of rules on BGG.

Here are the rules for the 1909 French edition:

This matches the rules described by the Ludii metadata on the game but not the rules as implemented; the scouts capture each other contrary to the description.
There's another bug in the implementation: the scouts can only move to capture, I cannot do any non-capture moves with the scouts.

RE: L'Attaque - Eric Piette - 08-12-2020


I am french and I just read the french description of the version you sent to us from 1909.
I confirm for the non capture between scouts, I will update that.

For the problem about the scout move, I will also fix that for the next release.

Eric Piette

RE: L'Attaque, mines, scouts, sappers - Ludmilla - 02-14-2021

(08-07-2020, 12:51 PM)ccxvii Wrote: Attached are scans of both rule sheets included in the 2019 edition of l'Attaque from Gibsons.
Could this mean you cannot put mines at the end of bridges?

Another question: In the case that your opponent has surrounded his or her flat with mines and you have no sappers left, ought one to surrender?

One more! In the case where a scout has attacked another scout resulting in neither pieces being removed (original rule) do they stay there? In my experience this can lead to a blockade. 

Lastly does anyone have any tips for layout. 

I love this game.